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.Thursday, December 10, 2009 ' 1:44 PM
Prom was great, but it could have been even better if the whole class was there. but anyways, here are the 'professional' pictures we took. sorry, I don't really have a good camera or a scanner, but here it is.

CONGRATS to Wan Er for winning one of the lucky draw prizes hahas xD ohh, and I'm not in the other photos!! rawr!!

lets look forward to the classs chalet next year!!!!!

see ya~

.Monday, November 30, 2009 ' 10:50 PM
hello guys! i wonder how many of you are actually reading this. i was planning to have a class chalet. in fact, i checked out the rates. there's this ultra good offer at costa sands (downtown east). i know some of you may not like the idea of downtown east, but since it is cheap, let's just settle for that k. haha. i mean, we can travel to somewhere further during the day right?

anyway, as i've mentioned, the rates are cheap. but the offer is only from 3rd jan to 11th jan. and if i'm not wrong, it's only applicable for weekdays. it's $138 for 3D/2N. how how how? please give me your reply and the days that you are free k? and i need someone whose family member is a NTUC member. cause without the NTUC card, there's no offer like this. can anyone please reply soon? thank you very much!



see ya~

.Saturday, November 21, 2009 ' 1:12 AM
Heyyys everyone, so the As are ending soon!!! One more paper for the Chem students (YAY WE ROCK) and a few more for the Physics student. So, posting this with the intention of de-stressing everyone would not really work. But I'm still gonna post it anyway cos I think it's really nice and guides you to finding the true meaning in life. *I'm not sure if anyone else has heard or seen this though =p*

So here goes, the title literally translates to Letters ~ Greeting to a 15 year old. Kinda makes you miss being 15, so innocent and naive back then ahhahs. K, maybe that doesnt apply for all of us, but who cares?

And here's saying, we're all gonna miss each other won't we? So, lets have that class chalet next year in January, when everyone else is going back to school, and before we guys get shipped of to Tekong T.T

Anyway, here's the video, so enjoy! And lets keep this blog alive even after we graduate <(^.^)>

Stay cool ya guys! ^-^

see ya~

.Tuesday, October 27, 2009 ' 7:04 PM
This article can be found at the last page of latest issue of Broader Perspectives. Do read everything!

"At a time like this, it felt inappropriate for me to write about giving up and of course the myriad other thoughts and considerations that come with it. What amazes me is how much time some of the brightest people in our country spend thinking about giving up.

While I am sure this is true of adults, I am not really talking about them. I am talking about the 18,000 students that read this magazine and the thousand little thoughts that occupy your mind and mine. Thoughts that we claim distract us from doing what we want to do. The alternatives we consider when the going gets really tough or when we fail. The new beliefs we form about ourselves in order not to face the reality of who we truly are. And although I know that adults do this too, in other shapes and forms about their marriages, work, and whatever other things they worry about, this time I am really not talking about them. I am talking about you.

I would love to sympathise. I went through the 'A' levels too and do not have pleasant memories. But it is precisely because the memories are so vivid that I also remember the contemptuous behaviour and attitude I had during that period of time. I remember the myriad lies that swamped my mind daily; anything that would distract me from what I knew I needed to do. Today, having learnt the things I have learnt about life and living, I am sorry but I do not want to sympathise. Because sympathising does not serve you.

The bottom line is that results do not lie. There may be slight variations in judgement here and there but in general, results are not far away from the truth. If I say that I love me wife, but the result is that she does not feel loved, then the truth is that I have not loved her. If I say, I have taught a wonderful class and done my duty as a tutor, but my students have not learnt, then the truth is I have not taught well. If you say you have tried your best to get the best grades possible, and you received results way below expextations, then I call your bluff and say that you are lying, that you did not try your best. Results simply do not lie. I know that as I make this claim there will be a thousand and one excuses, reasons, qualifications, and rebuttals that will fly my way in an attempt to help you avoid hard truths, to protect that heart of yours from seeing certain things about yourself that you just do not want to see. But I ask that maybe you take a second look.

The point is to take responsibility for the choices you have made so far and the results you have created. It does not serve you to think otherwise. Just imagine how contemptible I would be if I claimed that I loved my wife but she does not feel loved and instead of taking responsibility, I tell you that I am a left-brained man and I cannot show emotion, or that I came from a bad family, or that I am very busy, or that it is too difficult to demonstrate love, or that this is not what I expected of marriage... Imagine that. Imagine someone full of stories about why things are not the way they should be. How pathetic and loathsome would I be? And for how long would you have respect for me?

I am not saying that sitting for examinations is easy. But I am saying that you made a choice to do so. You made a choice. No one forced you; and I know it is easy to claim that you did not make this choice, that society, your parents or friends compelled you to make this choice... anybody and everybody but yourslef. But the truth is you did, and all I ask is that you take responsibility, for playing the victim will only mean yet another day with nothing done.

We play the victim in so many ways and nobody can deny that it feels good being a victim. Being a victim allows us to avoid taking responsibility. It allows us to feel sorry for ourselves. It allows us to garner sympathy from others; to suck others into our world so they can buy and partake of our version of the truth and perhaps commiserate with us. People are often complicit in supporting each others' lies. Birds of a feather flock together and you will find that people who want to avoid reality and avoid getting real results love each others' company. They love confirming that they are a victim and having another victim with them validates it even more.

But what is the bottom line? What can we really say about people who do not produce results? Please do not mistake me but thinking that I mean grades...No. I mean that we end up doing what we say we will do. Imean that we are people who honour our word, peopl of action who take responsibility for their results. And if failure strikes (which will from time to tim) we see it for what it is...information that helps us move forward. So the bottom line is to recognise that we can indeed feel tired, stressed, discouraged and unmotivated, but we can spend time coming up with stories to justify us staying in that contemptible place, or we can evaluate our situation and move on to creatinf something better.

The time is always now, to take a good hard look at ourselves and acknowledge what we have or have not done, what we still need to do. To dismiss thoughts of giving up and decide to act and live with integrity. To bite the bullet, lay hold of our life and do what only we can do. This message is for everybody, because if it did not ring true for you personally, it will ring true for someone you know. I pray that the clarity of what I say brings to you or your friend some good, hard and loving truth to your life. I wish you the very best for your coming examinations. Go create something wonderful" - Mr Tong Yee

Luke 14:28-30 "Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. Will he not first sit down and estimate the cost to see if he has enough money to complete it? For if he lays the foundation and is not able to finish it, everyone who sees it will redicule him, saying, 'This fellow began to build and was not able to finish.'"

Haha quote after quote. Here shall be where I will end off with something that is mine: I have truly learnt much in barely 2 years - from everybody and everything situations went through and all the changes in my life... And I can confidently conclude, I will never regret choosing this route towards my awaiting destination. Pray that the same has been for you for it is not what is available but what you want to take from what is available. Look beyond and see the clear path just straight ahead!

PS: Dont forget to eat well - brain is made up of fats!
PPS: To geog buddies - It is NOT a map showing volcanic eruption, with lave flowing down river channels and some lava dam named ''A' Levels!!!'

see ya~

.Saturday, October 17, 2009 ' 11:37 PM
After reading Hui Shan's post, I almost cried (ok lah, I know I'm pretty sentimental and a bit of a cry-baby). So I decided to add to the moment.

As you all know (well, maybe only the Chem people), I'm currently not doing well in Chemistry. The past few months have got me thinking if I'd chosen another subject to replace that woebegone subject; maybe I'd have done better.. Maybe I wouldn't be struggling like hell with it (by the way, this is not saying that other Arts subjects are not equally hard)... Maybe my subject combi would have a better direction.

However, these "maybe"s culminate into a different sort of "maybe"- if I had done all that, would I have gotten the chance to experience Magdalene's smart-mouth (that's a good thing btw), would I have done my Green Architecture project? Would I have gotten the most out of my spiritual life without Eunice? Would I have been nagged by my treasurer to give her money on time? Or how about the fact that I might not have had those wonderful Monday movies to watch? And the fact that we get a teacher who lets us off early on Thursday compass? All these little things make me think of how my life would have been different without 08S501.

I used to be a stranger to the moments that we shared as a class (really).

Just looking from the outside.

But then again, I guess being in this class has taught me many things in the past year. I won't say that I've grown especially close to our class, neither will I say that we're a tight knit community.. However, this class is special in its own right- be it good or bad- we've all had our awesome times with each other. In fact, sometimes, we got hit too haha and end up hitting ourselves.

At this point in time, I feel like we have crossed a juncture.


Mr. Hing has always been there scolding us, but guiding us across that road sometimes. I don't think I could have asked for a better CT really; I don't know about you guys, but it was nice knowing a teacher like that. And yes, we do appreciate you, Mr. Hing, even if we mock you sometimes.

I pray that when we stumble



So as to see and remember the birthdays we celebrated.

I've always believed that God has placed certain people in our lives for a purpose; and well, the next few photos are smiling faces. So let's end off our time together with a smile on our faces (:

Peace out people.

God Bless (:

Nicole K.

see ya~

. ' 9:13 PM
Sunday Shoes, Cap and Gown
The whole town gathered around

Waited 18 years now it’s all comin down to this.
I scanned the crowd and it fills my soul
My best friends all here in rows

No turning back,
Now its time to walk that line
This tassel is gonna turn

But when the moment passes by
We’ll just walk away
Then slowly grow apart

But I’m not gonna cry, no
Not one sad or happy tear
I’ve waited my whole life
Now I’m gonna fly right outta here

It’s a bittersweet goodbye, but I’m not gonna cry

Friday night, football games,

First loves and first heartbreaks,
It didnt matter who won or lost,
Only how we played,

Memories as good as gold,
Tearin' up those mountain roads,
racin' out 53, to old georgetown,

sure we made a little trouble,
but learned from every mistake,
so theres no regret,
we've done the best we could

so im not gonna cry, no
not one sad or happy tear
ive waited my whole life
now im gonna fly right outta here

these have been the best years of my life, so im not gonna cry

its been a lonely, winding journey
and we've lost a few along the way

still we've hung in there through the tribulations

now its time to celebrate
its our graduation day

so im not gonna cry
not one sad or happy tear
ive waited my whole life
so im gonna fly right outta here

this has been the best day of my life, so im not gonna cry

its a bittersweet goodbye, im not gonna cry

I'm Not Gonna Cry - Corey Smith

Let's all work hard for our A's. remember, none of us will receive our results from mr hing because ALL of us are gonna get it from ms lai's hands. ALL OF US. it's not impossible 'cause we're the best! we are, 08S501.

Yours truly, Huishan.

see ya~

.Friday, August 7, 2009 ' 6:58 PM
Elloo (:

Nicole here! I can't say a lot on the class blog since I'm busy with studying at the moment, but I think today was AWESOME. Food was not bad, and to those who didn't turn up, boo hoo for you.

Anyhoo,since we're all in the oh-so wonderful patriotic mood, I decided to post up this video, enjoy watching:

Enjoy! And happy mugging this weekend!

Upcoming major test: Chemistry (Chemical Kinetics, Thermochem, Protein Chemistry, Chemical Bonding, Transition Metals).

see ya~


diversified class, nothing much in common. yet the differences stop here. we're fun-loving people and we are gonna be the best class ever! STRAIGHT Assssssss EVERYONE!!!!





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